"Romance begins with a soft and gentle stroking of the mind.
It ends with a pulsating crescendo that ignites all of the five senses."


Welcome to the home of elegant pleasures, a place where romance, passion and desire reside. I’m pleased to be your tour guide; showing you the sites of sensual bliss along a literary journey guaranteed to make the rhythm of your heart fluctuate. Romance begins with a soft and gentle stroking of the mind; it ends with a pulsating crescendo that ignites all of the five senses. Thank you for the opportunity to allow my words to be a stimulus in pampering and caressing your soul. 

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A woman wasn’t created to be controlled; she was created to be lead. In any case, when she follows, it is her consensual choice, not yours.

Message in this:

What you don’t allow her to do on her own, you eventually end up doing ALONE.



A man who is in hot pursuit of your heart, should have two things on his mind.


Message in this:

If he’s addressed THE MAN about you, then he’s received the guidance for THE PLAN about you.


Shakeim Edmonds

A WOMAN’S SECURITY (You all are going to love this one) 

You can pay for the newest ADT security system, you can give her the meanest Pit Bull in the neighborhood, you can put a fence around her house, you can hire her a bodyguard and you can even buy her a 357 Magnum.

However… I assure you

The safest she’ll ever feel, is in your arms.

Message in this:

For a woman to feel (TRULY) secure, she doesn’t want what you can buy, she desires what you already have. TWO ARMS TO HOLD HER

Shakeim Edmonds

GENERATIONAL CURSE. (Watch from 00:42 to 3:20)... Women and Men 

I UNDERSTAND R. KELLY (and I will forever sympathize)

Regardless to how you feel about this man, one thing he said that I can relate to and totally understand… is the GENERATIONAL CURSE. (Watch from 00:42 to 3:20)...

Again, regardless to how you feel about R. Kelly… you got to understand what he is saying, which I do. I can relate and find resolve in what he’s expressing because I was in the same situation. I wasn’t quite as young as he was (7 or 8) but I was 14. I was what you would classify as “Statutory Raped” by one of my mother’s friend who was in her 30’s at the time. As R. Kelly goes on to express, it had an effect on who he was, how he interacted and definitely his way of thinking. So was the case with myself. When things are birthed in you or presented prior to your full preparation of its exposure, it sort of handicaps who you are in one way or another. For me, older women became an attraction… which is still a bad thing once you evaluate the true stimulus of the matter. We’ve all got our assumptions of what route R. Kelly took, (but the court found him not guilty, so who are we to judge). However, my point here is this. Our youth, our violations against us and our environments have a tremendous result on who are, what become and the lives we live. As we try to analyze people and evaluate their character, let’s always try to take into consideration the roots to their substance. Before we make haste to crucify people, slander people, dig a ditch and judge… let’s conduct introspection. Sometimes what people are or have become is simply a mere reflection of what was impressed upon them. Counseling may help some, prayer may help some but only GOD can help us all. STOP JUDGING




Your man looks at other woman, he does. “YES” he does. He will tell you that he doesn’t, but if his name isn’t Stevie Wonder or Ray Charles, he’s telling a lie. To see someone or somethin...g beautiful (beauty is in the eye of the beholder, mine is sizes 1 thru 50) and then put on a pseudo like you were totally oblivious to it is dishonest.


A REAL MAN looks not with the intent or ideas of lust lurking in his loins. Just because we look at a Bentley don’t mean we want to buy it, just because we looked at a house doesn’t mean we want to occupy it, just because we looked at the roller coaster don’t mean we want to ride it. The eyes can wonder but when you truly love a woman… the heart doesn’t. LOVE HOLDS IT OWN.

(SN: Ladies, I do believe you have been somewhere and a man looked at you. Trust me, Real Men are also aware of what they got at home too. Stallions live in stables, they don't roam free... LOL)

OVERTIME PAYS WELL (Construction of Love) 


It’s not important who broke your heart. What's important is the man who is willing to invest the time to put it back together. The healing process will always outlast the pain. AMEN

Shakeim Edmonds "The Teddy Bear of Literature"

STAY IN THE BOAT (A sinking marriage, can survive the storm)  


My good friends, I want to come at you on a level that I haven’t before. I am not going to be writing about what a man should do or what a woman should do, this evening. I want to get a little more intimate, especially wit...h those who have chosen to commit themselves in the most intimate way… by marrying the love of their life.

People, listen. Getting married is the easy part. Maintaining a marriage is the blood, sweat and tears part. When you got married, you did it with the conviction that “NO MATTER WHAT”, I’m going to ride it out with this person until God calls one of us home. “Yes”, things are going to happen, “yes” arguments are going to arise, “yes” both of you are going to feel like the love for the other or from the other has been modified, “yes” there will be some obstacles, and “HELL YES” there will be storms of all variations (financial, fidelity, personality, etc). But I am asking of you, begging of you, to please stay in the boat together. It’s going to get rocky, it’ll be choppy, the waves will crash over the sides, the sail may fail, but stay in the boat.

I assure you this, I ASSURE YOU THIS… If you decide to jump out and swim to that appealingly stable ship (which doesn’t have to represent a person) please keep in mind… that ship that seems to be passing by so gracefully can be sunk just as easily as your little boat… IT JUST TAKES A STRONGER STORM TO DO SO.

Always keep this in mind married and unmarried people, Adam and Eve faced the wrath of God together, IS WHAT YOU GOT GOING ON GREATER THAN THAT? I MEAN… REALLY?

MARRIED PEOPLE… STAY IN THE BOAT, that open sea isn't nothing to play with.